MC 1 - He Said / She Said 實木扶手單椅

MC 1 - He Said / She Said 實木扶手單椅


設計師 Nitzan Cohen 之作,Mattiazzi 發表的第一個產品系列。以「他」和「她」為意涵,銓釋「一個理念,兩款座椅」風貌。椅身結構以精湛的曲木雕塑製法,呈現最近乎一體成型的完美。兩款座椅維妙差異只在扶手接榫的不同設計,表達 He Said 大器穩重及 She Said 柔順優雅的完美姿態。


尺寸: He Said - 寬 59cm x 深 61cm x 高 77cm (座高 45cm)
         She Said - 寬 59cm x 深 56cm x 高 77cm (座高 45cm)




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Established in 2007, Studio Nitzan Cohen is a multi disciplinary design studio with proj- ects ranging from industrial products, furniture and spaces to art-direction and strategic consultancy. Nitzan Cohen and his studio are busy combining a research oriented attitude with conceptual design and the ability to translate it into a new visual language of objects and spaces. Nitzan Cohen is a professor for Industrial and System Design at the HBK Saar in Saarbrücken, Germany.